Effectively Plan Your Tech Journey🤑

Planning is a crucial aspect of life; anything worth doing is worth doing well. To do something well, you need to plan effectively, especially in the tech field, where competition is fierce, and the market is currently not in its best state.

There are certain factors to consider when planning your tech journey. A mentor of mine on Twitter has explained most of these aspects to me, and I’ll be sharing them with all of you.”

  1. Where am I in my career?

  2. What is the next phase?

  3. What do I need to do to get to the next phase?

Answering these three questions will take you a long way: knowing and acknowledging where you are will automatically lead you to the next phase and guide you on how to get there. Step by step, you’ll begin to make incremental progress, which will eventually accumulate into a significant win

One crucial thing to note is that when working toward your goal, it’s important to savor and enjoy every moment along the way. This is often the aspect that many people overlook. Most individuals become engrossed in the process and forget what tech truly represents (a lifestyle.) …. I’ll delve deeper into this concept in the next article.”

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